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Lumbo-Sacral spinal braces may be indicated and prescribed as part of your care plan. This "low back brace" is used to provide support to overworked spinal muscles for protection to unstable areas that, due to subluxations or lumbar disc swelling, are present in your spine. The lumbo-sacral brace will help relieve pain and possible muscle spasm or weakness by providing needed support.

We understand that our patients have busy schedules and personal lives. This brace will help allow continued function in a near normal manner. If used correctly, the brace will also provide protection for your spine by limiting motion, thus reminding you not to do things that may cause further injury or aggravate your condition.


1. The brace should be placed with the tab side up and with these tabs positioned in the center of the back.

2. The bottom of the brace should be placed at the mid buttocks level. (It is better to have the brace positioned too low, than too high).

3. The metal stays of the brace can be molded for comfort.

4. The first Velcro closure is designed to secure the brace in a comfortable and supportive position.

5. The second Velcro is designed to tighten the brace and provide the greatest degree of support. This should be secured as tight as comfortably possible. (You may loosen the second closure slightly when in a seated position.)

6. The brace is not designed to be worn over clothing; however, you may wear it over a very light shirt or undergarment.

7. Do not wear the brace while sleeping, when applying ice packs, or when performing spinal maneuvers.

The information presented above is not intended in any way to replace appropriate treatment recommended by the doctors of this clinic or any other physician. If symptoms persist beyond a reasonable time, consult the doctors for additional recommendations. Never be afraid to ask questions, we are here to help.

THIS ---->https://synergyoviedocom.chiromatrixbase.com/custom_member_content/c_3128_lumbosacral_brace_instructions.html

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