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MiRxProtocol Nasal Spray Reduces Migraine Headache Frequency

If you suffer from recurring migraines, the MiRx Protocol Nasal Spray will help you take control of this pain and stop their recurrence. This revolutionary treatment is the first of its kind to not only relieve migraine headache pain, but most importantly, proactively work to stop the recurrence of this pain. Unlike medications that can only “cover up” pain symptoms, the MiRx Protocol proactively stops the recurrence of migraine pain. At Synergy Family Health, our Oviedo wellness team is excited to offer this cutting edge treatment to our valued patients.

Oviedo Migraine Relief with Help from MiRxProtocol

The MiRx Protocol is a new approach to migraine relief and prevention. For decades, scientists have known that a nerve cluster called the Sphenopalantine Ganglion (SPG) is associated with headache pain. Unfortunately, the SPG nerve cluster is located inside a hard-to-reach nasal cavity. For many years, the only way to reach the SPG was with painful, invasive surgery. The MiRx Protocol changed this, empowering patients with a new means for treating migraine pain.

The MiRx Protocol is an ingenious nasal spray that uses a soft, flexible applicator extension to reach the SPG. Unlike most nasal sprays, the inclusion of this soft applicator makes it possible for the MiRx Protocol to deliver its anesthetic directly to the SPG, providing immediate headache relief. As part of a total migraine headache treatment plan, the MiRx Protocol avoids the potentially dangerous complications and side effects associated with both over-the-counter pain medications and prescription painkillers. Depending on the severity of a patient’s migraine symptoms, many individuals benefit from long- lasting pain relief with just one treatment session. For more serious migraine sufferers, a series of treatments with the MiRx Protocol delivers long-lasting pain relief.

A variety of different environmental, physical and psychological factors can trigger migraine pain. Everything from disturbances in sleep and changes in diet and hydration to stress and even poor air quality can cause migraine headache pain. For years, these different trigger factors made it difficult for scientists and doctors to effectively prevent migraine pain. Treating migraine pain after the fact was also difficult; despite the bevy of pain medications currently available; many migraine sufferers still were unable to find real relief. The MiRx Protocol is a complete game changer. Not only does the MiRx Protocol treat the root cause for migraine pain, this revolutionary treatment proactively works to stop headache pain from occurring in the first place.

Scientific research using the Tx360® has showed  favorable results and benefits for patients with chronic migraines. Within the study in patients were given sphenopalatine ganglion nerve blocks twice a week for 6 weeks. This study reports the details of the entire course of treatment and its benefits and has been published in the Journal of Head and Face Pain and can be read here.

At Synergy Family Health, our goal is to empower all patients to lead healthy, active lives. We understand just how crippling migraine pain can be, especially when this pain strikes with little warning. Thanks to the MiRx Protocol, our patients are finally enjoying the long-lasting migraine relief that they deserve.

If you suffer from recurring migraines, there is hope. The MiRx migraine relief treatment is changing lives. Contact Synergy Family Health today to learn more about the MiRx Protocol and find out if this migraine relief treatment is right for you.

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