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Oviedo Physical Therapy Solutions

At Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic, our professional team uses a variety of techniques to help patients who may be experiencing whole body discomfort or neck pain from car accidents or personal injury accidents. We work to help you begin a cycle of healing. To complement and enhance the overall healing effects of Dr. Eric's chiropractic treatments, one of the solutions we may recommend is physiotherapy, more commonly known as physical therapy. Oviedo chiropractor provides physical therapy for injury patients

While chiropractic care is primarily used to treat the underlying causes of pain, physical therapy is a form of rehabilitation that can be used to restore movement and functioning through exercise, re-education and manual therapy. This approach is usually used to evaluate and treat disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system. The ultimate goal is to relieve pain, promote proper posture and restore full functioning for the patient as quickly as possible.

Dr. Janowitz combines the principles of biomechanical engineering and function muscle testing to provide patients in our community with quality family healthcare and education. When someone comes to us seeking relief for lower back pain associated with car accidents, scoliosis or sciatica, we are happy to offer them a wide variety of effective alternatives to  surgery and prescription drugs to help them live their best life possible.

Relief for Lower Back Pain and More

While the main form of physical therapy that most people are familiar with is corrective exercises, another type of therapy that we may recommend to alleviate Oviedo back pain or neck pain is whole body vibration (WBV). Instead of moving one particular area of the body, whole body vibration uses a vibrating platform on which the patient stands and may be asked to perform certain movements. The vibrations generated by motors underneath the platform Oviedo physical therapy includes x-rays and cryotherapyare then transmitted to the person who is standing on the platform. WBV works as a restorative system that is tailored specifically to each patient to support their spine and protect them from further pain through the damaging effects of gravity.

Cryotherapy is the use of low temperatures to treat specific symptoms or the removal of heat from a specific area of the body. Its goals are to decrease inflammation and pain, while promoting a localized reduction in blood flow.

Dr. Janowitz may also utilize Pettibon rehabilitation in the treatment of back pain from car accidents, personal injury accidents, sciatica or scoliosis. The Pettibon System is a rehabilitation program that focuses on correcting issues in the spine's hard and soft tissues. The System utilizes X-rays as the basis for diagnosing the underlying issues. X-rays are continually used throughout the treatment to map progress assessment and document the effectiveness of the treatments. This System allows Dr. Janowitz to continually evaluate and modify the treatments for maximum results.

If you're looking for relief from back pain caused by Oviedo car accidents or other injuries, give us a call to schedule a complete exam and consultation. Our treatment programs are designed just for you to improve your posture, restore flexibility to your spine and alleviate pain so you can live and enjoy the life you want to lead.

Call us at 407-505-4320 to learn more about physical therapy in our office.

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