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Synergy Oviedo Chiropracticc Services for the Whole Family

Dr. Janowitz and our whole team at Synergy Family Health are focused on you! Our Oviedo chiropractic services work together to complement the benefits of all our other services in order to relieve pain, spur natural healing and enhance wellness from head to toe. Because our services do not involve medication or invasive procedures, they are safe and effective for everyone in the family; from babies to grandparents and everyone in between. 

Our combination of chiropractic services has helped relieve patients of back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, pregnancy aches, fibromyalgia, allergies and much more. If you are looking for quality chiropractic in Oviedo, FL, you have found the right place!

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Our Synergy Oviedo Chiropractic Services Treat the Whole Person

Our Oviedo chiropractic center focuses first on making sure your spine is properly aligned—that is the essence of good health. Dr. Janowitz can examine a patient to determine where vertebrae are out of alignment and pinching nerves, which can cause pain in many areas of the body. Then he applies gentle, precise spinal adjustments to realign the vertebrae, relieving pinched nerves to relive pain and enable the nervous system to heal the body as nature intended. 

Massage therapy is included in our Oviedo chiropractic services and works to tone, heal, and rehabilitate the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) that support a healthy spinal alignment while also stimulating the immune system, relieving pain through endorphins, increasing circulation and reducing painful inflammation.

Physical therapy helps people fully recover from car accident injuries, sports injuries and all kinds of personal injuries. Through therapeutic exercises and stretches, you can regain strength and flexibility and get back to living.

Spinal decompression is a highly-targeted form of spinal traction that can remove pressure from herniated and injured discs. A course of decompression therapy has helped many of our severe back pain patients avoid surgery by stimulating the healing and reshaping of injured discs.

Our pediatric care helps even the youngest patients. By attending to a child’s spinal alignment, we have been able to alleviate colic in babies, chronic ear infections and all kinds of growing pains; all without side-effect inducing drugs.

Cold laser therapy uses a targeted, specific laser wavelength to deeply penetrate injured tissues. The laser, which is cold to the touch, accelerates soft tissue healing right down at the cellular level.

We also design custom foot orthotics are an enormous complement to chiropractic care because they balance and cushion your feet so that your posture stays even and correct.

All of our Oviedo chiropractic services provide natural, safe and effective solutions that really work. Each patient is treated to a highly-individualized healing plan where one or more of these services are combined for the best results. Call Dr. Janowitz today at 407-505-4320 for natural relief and wellness!

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