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In Mark 8:36 we read that having the world is worthless if you lose your soul in the process. You or someone you love is living that verse with a slight twist: what good is “having it all,” if you don’t have your health to enjoy it? (That “slight twist” is a little chiropractor humor.)

But providing you with true HEALTHcare—not just SICKcare—is why residents of Oviedo, Winter Springs, University of Central Florida (UCF) and East Orlando have been coming to Synergy Family Health since the last century (1999).

You see, while we embrace both modern medical care and their advanced treatments, we also know that the body is miraculously made and wants to heal itself—and can heal itself—if allowed to. That’s where Oviedo chiropractor, Dr. Eric Janowitz, 2005 Business Person of the Year as chosen by the Greater Oviedo Chamber of Commerce, lends his expertise.

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While all medical doctors know “the hip bone is connected to the leg bone,” Dr. Janowitz knows how a mis-aligned spine or an out-of-place rib or a sports or auto injury from high school could be connected to your headaches, chronic ear infections, TMJ, or even allergy-like symptoms and neck pain.

Which is why the family practice physicians and chiropractors here at Oviedo’s 2003 Business of the Year will never “treat” (hide) your physical symptoms with pharmaceutical chemicals.

Your healthcare providers should look for the true cause and the most effective treatments to help you achieve your optimum health. They should never base their decision on a specialty bias, a path-of-least-resistance, or even which procedure or prescription makes them the most money.

If you are from East Orlando, UFC, Winter Springs, or Oviedo and you are looking for pain relief, physical therapy programs, whiplash relief, massage therapy, pediatrics care, senior care, relief from pregnancy pain and aches, or weight loss coaching, the family practice physicians and chiropractors at Synergy Family Health can help!

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Meet Pastor Bill as he shares his care with Dr. Janowitz (Success Stories)

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