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At Synergy Family Health, we are a family practice providing care for all of the members of your family. On behalf of our entire staff, we welcome local residents of Oviedo, Winter Springs, University of Central Florida (UCF) and East Orlando who are ready to free their lives of pain through innovative and advanced treatment. Our Oviedo chiropractor, Dr. Eric Janowitz, adheres to a philosophy of wellness through a whole body approach. This means that in order to fully feel our best, we first must get all areas of the body in proper order and health.

Most people do not realize that the majority of all pain problems begin with the spine. Pressure and irritation of nerves within the spinal column build up and turn into other health conditions. By relieving this pressure and irritation through chiropractic care, we are often able to minimize pain and increase wellness.

We have had many patients report relief from chronic ear infections, TMJ, back pain, neck pain, and car accident injuries after treatment from Dr. Janowitz . Others have found chiropractic adjustments to be a way to decrease allergy symptoms and eliminate chronic migraine headaches. Many mothers have also found regular sessions with our chiropractor to be a safe way to minimize discomfort from pregnancy aches and pains.

If you are from Oviedo, Winter Springs, UFC or East Orlando and you are looking for pain relief, physical therapy programs, whiplash relief, massage therapy, pediatrics care, senior care, relief for pregnancy pain and aches or weight loss coaching, Synergy Family Health can help!

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Dr. Eric Janowitz and Dawn Janowitz - Chiropractor OviedoHello. My name is Dawn Janowitz and I want to share a story with you.

Twenty years ago, after graduating from Oviedo High School, I was searching for a career. I knew that I liked people and wanted to contribute to the community in some way. So, I decided to become a Nurse.

After getting my RN degree, I started working in hospitals. At first, I loved my job, but I soon began to feel like something was missing. Instead of helping people get well, I started feeling like my job was just giving out Medications (Drugs)...and even worse than that --- it wasn't working!

In March of 2006 I married the guy in the picture with me. You might recognize him as "Dr. Eric, the Chiropractor all over Oviedo". When we met, I didn't know much about Chiropractic Care, but now I've come to realize it's not just about back pain - read more here...

Helen N. (Success Stories)

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Originally she had a problem with her neck. She couldn't turn her head on one side. Helen also had TMJ and was considering surgery. Synergy Family Health was able to help her with both of these problems. After resolving these issues, she signed up for our maintenance plan and has been with us now for almost 6 years.

Oviedo Chiropractic Offers Pain Relief and More

Our Ovideo chiropractic clinic offers care to all age groups. From pediatrics to senior care, our dedicated staff can help increase health and eliminate pain. We offer state-of-the-art chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, weight loss guidance, spinal decompression therapy, and total wellness care.

Our non-surgical spinal decompression therapy has helped those suffering from sciatica, herniated discs, bulging discs and other spinal related ailments. Spinal decompression in our chiropractic office refers to a technology based approach that helps patients find relief through use of the DTS Triton System, one of the most sophisticated computerized traction systems available. Within a few sessions, most patients report a dramatic decrease in their pain symptoms and added range of movement.

Cold laser therapy is also available, which can be beneficial to those with fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel problems, sciatica, sports injuries, car accident injuries and other pain problems. This treatment involves our chiropractor administering a no-heat specialty light beam directly onto the patient's pain afflicted area. While this is not exactly a new technique, it is certainly gaining popularity. A 2002 study by the US FDA found that patients who utilized cold laser therapy as part of their pain management protocol healed up to 66% faster than those who did not.

At Synergy Family Health, we strive to remain on the cutting edge of pain management/relief and wellness care. We aim to uphold this standard by continually staying up to date with the latest techniques through continuing education and training.

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